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Da Vinci, The artist, the engineer, the gourmet



More than 500 years separate the present day from Leonardo da Vinci’s time… The man who wrote, “I intend to leave a memory of myself in the minds of others”, was, in fact, born in 1452 in the small village of Vinci in Tuscany. Throughout his life, he tried to understand the world around him, through observation and experimentation. He tried his hand at every discipline with unfailing zeal. He was an inventor, architect, theoretician, painter, anatomist and mathematician, amongst others... He was one of history’s greatest geniuses!

Leonardo da Vinci died on 2nd May 1519, aged 67 years, in the Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise. Three years earlier, Leonardo had been invited to come to France by French King François I. The King considered him to be his spiritual father and showered him with money and honours. On 23rd April 1519, Leonardo felt his end drawing near. He wrote his last will and testament, appointing his faithful pupil as sole executor of his will and principal heir to his work.

Was Leonardo aware that he was leaving behind an artistic and scientific legacy unprecedented in the history of humanity? What remains of him 500 years after his death? How did he manage to leave such an impression on the world? How did he manage to revolutionise the history of art with just twenty paintings? To find out more about this man’s quest to discover the secret laws of nature, this exhibition invites you to step back in time…

Da Vinci

The artist, the engineer, the gourmet


From the 24th February to 3rd November 2024


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The exhibition begins with the legend of Leonardo da Vinci and by the success of the works he left for humankind, firstly, the Mona Lisa and then the Salvator Mundi, the costliest painting in the world. Visitors are immersed in the moment in 2017 when the auctioneer’s hammer at Christie’s in New York slams down to sell the painting for 450 million dollars…
Everybody knows of the famous Mona Lisa in the Louvre… From New York to Tokyo, from Moscow to Bali, from Oslo to Sidney, she is an absolute icon of art history, the most visited and commented work in the world, always elusive with a gaze whose eyes follow us wherever we go, seemingly eternal and full of mysteries!

Schedule/ prices

Opened every day from 10 am to 18:30 pm (ticket until 17h00)

  • Individual
  • Senior (+65)
  • (7-18) & student
  • 0-6 years
  • PRM
  • Article 27
  • Family (2 Adultes + 2 children)
    50€ (+6€/extra child)
  • School group (>15pers.)
  • Group (>15pers.)
C'est ici que ça se passe

Prepare your visit


The exhibition is accessible without booking. However, it is better to book.

School group

The exhibition gives a spécial offer for school groups (more than 15 people). Contact the call center to have access to this offer.


The exhibition is located in Liège-Guillemins. It is easy access by train and by bus. There are 3 parkings near the exhibition.

For the PRM, the exhibition is accessible by a lift and wheelchairs are available by booking.


What will you see at the exhibition Da Vinci?
Discover Leonardo’s art and the history of his paintings. Then, observe all the research he has assembled in the 7000 conserved pages of codex. Look at the models that were made based on his sketches and dive into the ideal kitchen imagined by Leonardo.
how long does the visit last?
The visit lasts more or less 1h30.
In which language is presented the exhibition?
The exhibition is presented in four languages: French, Dutch, German and English.
Is there an audioguide?
The ticket gives you access to an audioguide in 4 different languages.
What is the recommended minimum age for visitors to the exhibition?
The minimum age for visiting the exhibition is 7. However, to better enjoy the visit, the recommended age is 9.
Can I take pictures during my visit?
Yes, you can take pictures without flash.
Is it possible to come with an animal?
No. However, guide dogs are accepted for the visually impaired.
Is it possible to visit the exhibition with a class/school group?

Yes, please contact the call center (phone number/email address) to obtain the "school group" price.

Can I leave the exhibition while I am visiting?
Entrance tickets are valid for one visit and not for the whole day, so it is not possible to leave the exhibition during the visit to eat, for example.
Can I have a backpack or a handbag inside the exhibition?
Backpacks and large handbags are permitted in the exhibition.
Can I eat or drink inside the exhibition?
It is forbidden to eat or drink inside the exhibition. However, we do tolerate bottled water.
Where is located the exhibition?
The exhibition is located in Gare de Liège-Guillemins, in the espace Muséal, under the Parking Liège-Guillemins P1.
Are there public transports nearby?
As the exhibition is located in Gare de Liège-Guillemins, you can access easily by train or by bus.
Is there any parking nearby?
There are 3 parkings nearby : Avenue de l'observatoire, Rue de Sclessin et Rue du Plan Incliné.
Is the exhibition accessible to people with reduced mobility?

Yes, the exhibition is accessible to people with reduced mobility. We are partners of the European Disability Card:

  • Reduced rate: 10€
  • Easy access (lift) and fully wheelchair-accessible exhibition.
  • Parking P1 Liège-Guillemins near the entrance
  • Wheelchairs available at reception (by reservation only)
Do you have wheelchairs ?

Yes, we have some wheelchairs. You can book one by telephone before your visit.

Is the exhibition accessible to hearing-impaired people?

Yes, the exhibition is accessible to hearing-impaired people with all the signs inside the exhibition.

Is there any restaurant nearby the exhibition?

Yes, there are a lot of shops and restaurants nearby the train station.  You can eat the Da Vinci menus in our partner restaurants.

Are there toilets for the visitors?

Yes, we have toilets inside the exhibition.

Is there a locker room inside the exhibition?

No, we only have a locker room for school groups.

Is the visit by reservation only?

No. However, we advise you to book in advance to guarantee a place.

Do I have to arrive at the beginning of the slot I've signed up for?

You have half an hour from the hour of the ticket to arrive, but it is better to arrive on time.

What happens if I am late?

If you notify the call centre of a justified delay, we will let you go in when you arrive. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next available slot.

Who is entitled to a preferential rate?

Seniors (over 65), children aged 7 to 18 and PRMs have access to a preferential rate. Entrance is free for children aged 0 to 6.

Who is entitled to a reduced rate?

Get a discount on presentation of the Prof card, the Visit Wallonia pass, the FED card, the Femme d'aujourd'hui coupon, What's Up Doc and the coupon obtained in the various partner restaurants.

Do we have an offer with sncb?

Yes, you can take advantage of the Discovery Ticket offer.

Discovery Ticket booking procedure: book a ticket for the exhibition on our website. You will find a sncb code on your booking. Go to the Discovery Ticket page and click on "Buy your Discovery Ticket". Fill in the information and enter your sncb code at the time of payment.

What are the conditions to take advantage of the group/school group rate?

Group rates apply to groups of at least 15 people and only after prior booking via our call-center (tel/email contact).