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If you want to take a visit enhanced with the anecdotes of our guides, if you want to immerse your pupils in Ancient Egypt, if you plan on coming in large numbers, if you are a person with reduced mobility and want to know what facilities there are for you, if you feel capable of thwarting the curse of the Pharaoh, then you will find all you need to know here, in order to optimally plan your visit.

People with reduced mobility

Reduced admission price

The exhibition is entirely accessible for wheelchairs

P1 Liège-Guillemins car park near to the entrance

Wheelchairs are available at reception (exclusively by booking)

Guided tours

2 h 00

Max. 20 people per guide

120 € / guide


1 h 30

Minimum of 15 people. Free entry for 1 accompanying adult per group of 15 pupils.

Several students’ manuals are available for your group. They are ready-to-use visit aids. Choose the one below which is best suited to the age of your pupils.

Book by telephone: +32 (0)4 224 49 38

School groups



Escape Game

The world is going to be struck by the curse of the pharaoh!

Opening the tomb of Tutankhamun has awoken a mystical force hidden away for centuries. Follow the traces left by Howard Carter and protect the world from the scourge that lies in wait...

With family or friends, thwart the curse and try to win a trip to Egypt!

Min. 1 h 30

By groups of 2 to 6 people

For people aged 10 years and above

Under 18 years



above 18 years



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