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Generation 80 experience

150.000 visitors

TGV STATION - Liege Guillemins

22.09.2018 > 31.08.2019

Immerse yourself in the "liberated" atmosphere OF THE 1980’S WITH THE GENERATION 80’s EXPERIENCE!

Throughout this exhibition, visitors were able to rediscover the enthusiastic young people who reinvented the world, challenging the codes of language and decorum. These were the young people who felt the arrival of a new type of freedom, one that started in 1968.

GENERATION 80’s EXPERIENCE plunged visitors into this momentous, eccentric and brazen decade. For some, it will have reminded them of the memories of their youth, whilst showing the youngest visitors how this period influenced today’s society.

I WILL BE 20 IN 2030

130.000 visitors

TGV STATION - Liege Guillemins

25.06 > 15.11.1993

The Tout Simenon exhibition opened its doors from 25th June to 15th November 1993 at the Museum of Walloon Art in Liège, as part of the 90th anniversary of the writer’s birth near the banks of the Meuse.

It was so successful that it was extended for fifteen days and in total the event attracted 220,000 visitors from all the world’s continents. Once again, the reconstitutions used the actual places where the writer lived and the fictional places visited by his famous detective Maigret.


55.000 visitors

TGV STATION - Liege Guillemins

23.12.2016 > 23.04.2017

A journey to the heart of the Middle Kingdom.

The exhibition called The Terracotta Army – the heritage of the eternal Chinese emperor, told of the discovery in 1974, of the burial site and terracotta army of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, a major archaeological event brilliantly illustrated by this exhibition presented for the first time in Belgium.

A treasure to discover.

This amazing historical fresco spreading out over more than 1,200 m² included no less than 250 life size elements. They were veritable gems that did not fail to captivate visitors with their elegance. An immersive audio-guide took visitors through this long-gone era that witnessed the birth of the first Chinese Emperor.


185.000 visitors

TGV STATION - Liege Guillemins

27.02.2016 > 06.11.2016


The aim of this striking exhibition was to promote the artistic, cultural and intellectual works of the artist. Indeed, this spectacular exhibition was a work of art in its own right, in which ALL VISITORS are
immersed in a quirky, unique and fascinating world. This colourful evocation was deployed over more than 2.000 m² of floor-space depicting the flamboyant genius of this eternal and universal artist.


255.000 visitors

TGV STATION - Liege Guillemins

 & Musée de la Vie Wallonne

02.08.2014 > 30.08.2015

Une évocation de la « Grande Guerre » dans un contexte international. Un parcours de 800 mètres riche en émotions dans des décors grandioses avec des reconstitutions impressionnantes et de multiples objets de collection authentiques. De nombreux documents audiovisuels et supports sonores immergent le visiteur au cœur même des évènements-clefs de l’époque.


315.000 visitors

TGV STATION - Liege Guillemins

16.06.2012 > 30.09.2013

The biggest exhibition about the 1960’s ever produced!

This exhibition met with an exceptionally high rate of satisfaction among visitors of all ages, fascinated by the revolution of the sixties in the political, moral, cultural, technological and economic domains. With discovery, immersion, authenticity and pleasure, the thrills of the exhibition call upon all the senses, but also leave visitors with the feeling of a better understanding of today’s world.


225.000 visitors

TGV STATION - Liege Guillemins

04.09.2010 > 08.01.2012

This responsible exhibition aimed to massively raise awareness of the problems caused by climate change, in a prestigious setting, with impressive decors, boasting cutting edge technology such as 3D, possessing a special children’s section and conveying a resolutely voluntarist message.



350,000 visitors

Koekelberg Basilica, Brussels

18.08.2007 > 06.04.2008

The exhibition presents the different facets of this genius from European history: the man, the artist, the engineer and the humanist. It was held to mark the 50th anniversary of when the Treaty of Rome was signed. Visitors discovered the life and works of this striking figure of the Renaissance, from his village of Vinci to his international influence and its prolonged effects in European hi-tech.

The Da Vinci exhibition boasted a modern set design, combining immersion and interactivity. It included models illustrating his inventions, more than one hundred original documents from the Renaissance and the 16th century, maps, sculptures, paintings, drawings by Da Vinci, but also by Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Verrocchio, Dürer... as well as all the Codex!


375.000 visitors

Dexia Art Center - Brussels

08.03.2005 > 26.02.2006

A showcase for triumphant Belgians, by means of 12 themes and floor-space of 6,000 m², it developed a vast panoramic fresco highlighting world-renowned celebrities from the spheres of literature, music, arts, comics, the stage, science and technology, decorative arts and fashion, but also the major explorers of yesteryear and today.

With His Majesty King Albert II as patron, it involved the collaboration of 450 international museums, from the Louvre to the New York Metropolitan, as well as private collectors.


750.000 visitors

The Royal Army and Military History Museum in Brussels

02.12.1994 > 14.05.1995

The I Was 20 Years Old In 1945 exhibition opened its doors at the start of December 1994 and finally closed at the end of October 1995 following a six month extension.

The exhibition was located in the Halle Bordiau at the Royal Army and Military History Museum in the Parc du Cinquantenaire park. Its production involved the participation of 18 countries and the most prestigious museums from around the world. A veritable 3D history book, the exhibition attracted a total of 750,000 visitors from the four corners of the earth. It enjoyed unprecedented media coverage and still holds the record in Belgium for the number of visits to a temporary exhibition.


220.000 visitors

Museum of Walloon Art in Liège

25.06 > 15.11.1993

L’expo Tout Simenon prend le relais du 25 juin au 15 novembre 1993 au Musée de l’Art Wallon à Liège, dans le cadre du 90ième anniversaire de la naissance de l’écrivain en bord de Meuse.

Son succès impose une prolongation de quinze jours et la manifestation attire 220.000 visiteurs en provenance de tous les continents. Ici encore, les reconstitutions font appel à des lieux réels où vécut l’écrivain et à des endroits fictifs dans lesquels évoluait le célèbre commissaire Maigret.


250.000 visitors


06.06 > 15.09.1991

The Tout Hergé exhibition inaugurated the series in 1991, but it was by no means an easy challenge to meet, because the event took up residence in Welkenraedt, which is some way away from the major European cultural venues.

However, the exhibition took place from 6th June to 15th September and, during this short period of time, welcomed 250,000 visitors from all over the world.

The international press heaped praise on the originality and high quality of this exhibition that paid homage to the creator of Tintin and Snowy. More than 50 TV channels from all over the world came to film the exhibition.